33 Weeks Pregnancy Update

33 weeks pregnant na agad ako?! What just happened? Time passed by so fast I didn’t even realize I was already halfway through 3rd trimester.

Pregnant mommy krystal
Dress: CHILL, Sandals: CLN, Shades: PENSHOPPE

That’s the main difference between my pregnancies. When I was pregnant with Rigel, time flew by so slowly as I document her every movement and record all the stuff that’s happening to my body. Syempre, it was my first time to make a human kaya even the tiniest detail was a big deal. While with my current (second) pregnancy, sure I’m mindful of his kicks and I also check his development, but not as thorough as my first time.

Maybe it’s because I have my hands full most of the time – taking care of a 1-year old is a full-time job. Sometimes, I even forget I was pregnant especially when I run around the house chasing after Rigel.

She surely keeps me on my toes! She climbs the stairs all by herself now. There was this one time when I got hooked on the TV as Basha was breaking up with Popoy, huhu! Then Rigel called out…

“Mommy! Mommy!”

I looked for her and saw that she was on the 5th step of the stairs. Owmeygerd! Muntik akong himatayin, besh! I quickly ran towards the stairs and when I got to her, she was grinning as if saying, “busy ka kasi kaka-emote dyan e ilang beses mo nang napanood yan!

Well, may point nga naman sya

Pregnant mommy krystal

Pregnancy Update:

How far along: 33 weeks pregnant!

Baby’s movement: Our baby boy is really energetic! His kicks are frequent, strong, and quite visible through my skin. Sometimes when he stretches, the pressure on my ribs, pubic bone, and lower back is so intense that it’s borderline painful. PeroΒ stretch pa more, baby! Mommy will be fine, what matters is you’re comfy in there.

Total weight gain: I’ve gained 26 pounds since I found out I was pregnant. I’ll be having another appointment with my doctor this week and my weight is one of the agenda. Last time we checked, I’m still within the normal pregnancy weight gain range. I think I still am because I’ve been controlling my meal portions and have lessen my intake of sugar-y snacks and drinks.

Stretchmarks: Wagi tayo dito, besh! No signs of stretchmarks on my belly, breasts, arms, nor legs. Yay! All thanks toΒ Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion and Bio Oil. I use these two products interchangeably and I can instantly tell how hydrated and elastic my skin becomes.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter
Bio Oil

Sleep: If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you’ll notice my eye bags and dark circles. That being said, yes, I don’t get much sleep. My belly is so big that I rarely find a comfortable position for sleep. I also get terrible acid reflux, so I have to elevate my upper body. Tiis-tiis na lang muna..

Food Cravings: I’ve ordered 2 dozens of pre-natal brownies from Mommy Treats and I’m obsessed! These brownies, with its chocolate-y goodness, are so heavenly because it’s crunchy on the outside and wonderfully dewy on the inside. And it’s not just yummy, it has brewer’s yeast, fenugreek, flaxseed, and rolled oats so it’s good for both mommy and baby’s health.

I also recommend these for nursing moms as it has dramatically increased my let down when I was still breastfeeding Rigel.

Mommy Treats Pre-Natal Brownies

Mood swings: None that I know of. I’m perfectly sane. Haha! We’ll have to ask Vauhn if may mga instances na naging loka-loka ako o kaya sya yung naloka sakin. haha!

Exercise routine: Keeping up with my makulit na toddler is enough exercise for me! When her energy is up, she’ll run around the house and pull out everything from all the drawers and cabinets. Guess who picks them up after? Hay naku!

Also, I still carry her. Ang clingy ng baby ko, gusto nya talaga kay mommy magpakarga.

‘Til our next update, mommies!


  1. Linda

    How often do you apply the lotion? Amazing that you don’t have stretch marks! 😍

    1. mommykrystal

      Hi Linda. Twice a day – in the morning and before I go to sleep. πŸ˜€

    2. Faith

      Ako naman no stretch marks pero I used human heart nature’s sunflower oil. Three times a day nun buntis pa ako sa first baby ko. 😊

    3. mommykrystal

      Really? Nice! First time ko ma-encounter and sunflower oil ni human nature. Effective pala! Thanks momsh. πŸ˜€

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  2. Elise

    Do you know Young Living oils? Meron bang essential oils na pwede to prevent stretch marks?

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