I quit my job to be a Stay At Home Mom

“I’m writing this letter to let you know that my last day of work will be on August 15. I am reluctant to leave such an excellent employer, but I have decided to be a stay at home mom and be with my baby for the first few years of her life.”

—says my resignation letter.


OOTD: A Classic Look on my Last Day of Work

OOTD last day of work classic look mommy krystal

Top (H&M), Pants (Ukay-Ukay for 100 pesos), and Shoes (Zalora)

I have been absolutely conflicted since coming back to work following my maternity leave. I truly bonded with my baby and there were times when I just can’t imagine leaving her at home! It even came to a point that I was conceptualizing techniques on how to successfully bring my baby to work. Lol!

I have had a difficult time balancing my work and life roles, mainly because I have not found childcare that I am completely happy with and this is adding to my long list of stressors (traffic! you’re on top of the list, fyi). When I was at work, I couldn’t help but think about my baby and what her nannies are doing – are they feeding her on time? Did they change her diaper already? Are the bottles properly washed and sterilized?

Well, long story short, I ended up calling the nannies every 2 hours whenever I’m away. Bakit ba? Worried ako, besh!

My script every phone call: “Nagmilk na ba si baby? Anong oras yung last poo-poo nya? Di naman umiiyak? Anong oras sya nagpalit ng diaper? Ilang oras yung tulog nya? blah blah blah…”

I can’t help it! I just have to know! Come on, back me up here, momshies. #Relate?

That’s why I called it quits. I FINALLY QUIT MY JOB TO BE A STAY AT HOME MOM!

I’ll write a very thorough article about being a stay at home mom soon, I promise. Right now, I just want to celebrate!

Aside from the fact that I get to raise my daughter, I also embrace the thought of not going through 2 hours of commute every single day, not having to shower very early in the morning, and the joy of not wearing a tight constricting bra all day!


Last Day At The Office

I’ve worked as an auditor for top corporations for the past 8 years. PDI was my 5th employer and I’ve been with them for 2 years and 11 months – the longest I’ve been with a company. I will long remember the affection and generosity with which my team treated me throughout the pregnancy and during my leaves. Hopefully, they will remember me and my work with appreciation and a positive resolve. We will surely keep in touch!

They surprised me with this delectable pancit…

…and a Grandmother’s Cake from Purple Oven.

Thank you for everything, T.E.A.M.!

Wait, why do these guys look so happy?!

You’re supposed to be sad, right? Uhm, coz I’m leaving?! Lol!

Working with the team has been great and I will miss them so much. Becoming a stay at home mom was a difficult and scary decision. But, as I see it, it’s the best one for my family at this time.


Time Out!

Is this permanent? Nope.

Will I ever be a working mom again? Definitely.

Do I plan to practice my profession again? Absolutely.

Am I excited for full time motherhood? Very much!

Am I going to celebrate with a drink? What kind of a question is that? You bet I will!


  1. Rizzi

    I have no words. 😁 Pat on the back for you and a high five!

    1. mommykrystal

      Thank you, Mommy Rizzi! 😀

  2. I’ll miss you, Krystal! Thank you for the lippie & make-up tips, over-random-conversation product reviews and for letting me play with Rigel. Wag mo kaming kakalimutan! Hahaha! 🙂

  3. maria jesusa taduran

    Definitely thw best decision of a i wish my husband read this article..soon i will..thanks for this!😊

    1. mommykrystal

      Why don’t you forward this to him? Give him a clue! Lol! 😀

  4. Miri

    I would love to stay at home and be with my baby 24/7; however, I am earning higher if compared to my husband so I cannot just leave my job. I envy you but I have to be a tough mommah.

    1. Daphny dela Cruz

      This is my problem too. My husband even said that he’ll be the one to quit his job and just take care of the baby. We are filipino but we’re here in Canada. No nannies here

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