A Date at Gray Horizon Cafe

Having a 1 year old and a newborn is a full-time job. Believe me, it’s easier said than done! Rigel is always full of energy – running, jumping, playing, and tossing things around all day. While our little Altair wants to latch on to mommy all the time.

That’s why on our anniversary, we made sure that both cuties have their afternoon naps at the same time para makatakas kami and have a romantic time alone.

My mom said there’s a new coffee place in Gaisano Mall Iriga called the Gray Horizon Cafe. She insisted that we check it out. We thought, why not? It was perfect because it’s only a 3-minute ride from our house. If the kids wake up, we can go back home in no time!


As we enter the cafe, we were quickly welcomed by a rich scent of roasted beans. The aroma of coffee wafted heavily throughout the cafe. Ang bango!

A glass wall separates the cafe from the rest of the mall. Its interior features a unique mix of black, white, and maple. Black pendant lights hang from the ceiling and matching black-and-white tables and chairs complete the decor.

To furnish the overall ambiance of the Gray Horizon Cafe, a blanket of yellow light illuminates the whole coffee shop. The homey atmosphere makes it a perfect place to enjoy a hot cup of coffee on a rainy day.

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We just had to have a taste of their coffee because amoy pa lang, invigorating na!

I ordered a large decaf white chocolate mocha because, yes, I’m breastfeeding. I wasn’t expecting much as I’ve set the bar pretty high on what’s a good mocha. But, boy, was I surprised!

The crisp coffee flavor combined with the sweet white chocolate tasted like Sunday morning – calm, pleasant, and comforting.


Vauhn ordered the latté. He took one sip and his face immediately lit up. Sabi nya, “In fairness ha. Sarap!”  It had a rich texture and oh so fragrant aroma. I was going to have another sip but Vauhn finished the whole thing already. Lol!


We definitely brought too much appetite that day because we ordered pasta, nachos, chicken, and rice. I know, right?

First entrée to be served was the shrimp and bell pepper pasta. The dish looked delish kaya kailangan picturan! And the taste? Savory! I just love how all the flavors seem to blend and explode. I highly suggest you try this, guys. You won’t regret it.


The Chicken Cordon Bleu features a tasty breading and is generously stuffed with ham and cheese. It is paired with rice and garnished with coleslaw.


A generous portion of melted cheese and chopped cabbage covered the tortilla chips. On the side is a meaty dip of ground beef with tomato sauce. Yum!


Gray Horizon Cafe is open from 8AM until 8PM on Mondays through Thursdays and until 8:30PM on Fridays through Sundays.

We’ll definitely go back to try out some of their sandwiches and cakes. See you there, guys! Let me know what you ordered and what’s your favorite.

Thanks for reading. 😍

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