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Applying for Philippine Passport for 1 Month Old Baby

We’re here in Metro Manila because I gave birth to our second baby – Altair. We plan to stay here until we get the approval of the pediatrician and my ob-gyn before we go back to the province. Also, I had a C-section which means longer recovery period compared to normal delivery. It sucks!

So, while waiting,  Vauhn and I agreed to maximize our stay here in the Metro. By “maximize” we meant having all kinds of food delivered to our doorstep, going to places via Grabcar, and enjoying Netflix – thanks to the high-speed internet connection. Basically, lahat ng hindi namin magagawa sa probinsya. Hahaha!

Philippine passport baby mommy krystal

One lazy afternoon, we were talking and one idea came up…

“Andito na rin lang tayo, kuhanan na natin ng passport si Altair”

However, there was one problem. If you’ve read my post about How to Apply for Philippine Passport for Babies, one of the requirements is the applicant’s original birth certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). So, I got in touch with PSA to inquire if Altair’s birth certificate is already available. According to them, the birth certificates won’t be available until after 2 to 3 months from the date it was submitted to them. It’s only been a month since I gave birth, so, hindi pa ako makakarequest ng birth certificate kasi hindi pa tapos i-process.

I called the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to check if there is an alternative. Fortunately, there is!

A Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate issued by the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) and duly authenticated by PSA.

To secure this document, you need to follow 2 simple steps:

1. Secure a Certified True Copy from the LCR

After giving birth, the hospital usually gives you a copy of the baby’s birth certificate after it has been stamped by the Civil Registrar. However, that document is a personal copy and not considered as a certified true copy! You still need to go to the office of the civil registrar and request for a Certified True Copy.

On Altair’s birth certificate, they even attached a shiny sticker with the city logo – ang bongga ng Quezon City! Lol!

  • Processing Fee – P40.00
  • Turnaround Time – 1 business day. So, babalik ka pa kinabukasan, besh! Ganun talaga…

2. PSA Authentication

Bring the certified true copy of the birth certificate to the PSA Main Office at Solicarel Buildging I and II, Ramon Magsaysay Blvd., Sta. Mesa, Manila. Per inquiry, only either of the child’s parents may process the request for authentication. Should the parents be unavailable, they may execute an authorization letter and provide their valid ID (i.e. the original ID, not a photocopy).

  • Processing Fee – P155.00
  • Turnaround Time – Less than an hour. Depende sa haba ng pila, beshy. 


The Passport Application Process

We got to the DFA Megamall Office at 2:16PM and was immediately entertained. Thank you, courtesy lane! Lol!

The guard at the gate gave us an application form and queue number. I was just going to ask her if our nanny can accompany us inside, but she immediately said, “Isama mo na sya sa loob, Maam, para di ka mahirapan kay baby.Naawa ata saakin si Madam Guard kasi wala kaming stroller, karga ko lang si baby! ❤

After filling out the form, we went to the front desk where the clerk checked the completeness and validity of our application form and supporting documents. Then, we were asked to proceed to the coutesy lane windows for processing.

Philippine passport baby mommy krystal

The line was short.

Our number was called in no time! The clerk asked for the application form, birth certificate, my passport, and a photocopy of my passport. For the complete list of requirements, check out How to Apply for Philippine Passport for Babies.

I was going to opt for regular processing, but the clerk said that all trasactions for minor applicants are processed on expedited basis. I wasn’t able clear out why because Altair was already crying – nagpanic na ako, sareeh!

After paying the P1,200 fee, we went to the window where they take the applicant’s picture. In my head I kept saying, sana makuhanan agad ng maayos na picture si Altair. He was starting to get fuzzy, so, I fed him as we wait for our turn.

Because he will feed wherever and whenever he wants…

They have a blue makeshift bed where infants lie down while their picture is taken. Buti na lang on his best behavior si Altair habang hinuhuli yung valid shot. Many thanks to the very patient and accommodating staff of DFA Megamall.

We then went to the LBC booth because we chose to have the passport delivered. I provided the recipient name and address where the passport will be delivered. Delivery fee was P150.

That’s it! We got out at around 3:20PM. It took us about an hour to complete the whole passport application process. Ok na rin, compared sa 3 hours na process dati! 


We received Altair’s passport on July 21, 2018.

If you have questions, maybe I can help you. You may contact me through my Facebook Page or Instagram Account.

Til next post, mamshies. Thanks for reading. Mwah!




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  1. RissaBustamante Dedumo

    Nabasa ko po lahat ng comments dito and ask ko lang po kung pwde din ako kumuha ng passport for my 3 month’s old baby..need ko pa ba mag pa appointment thak u

    1. mommykrystal

      Hi Risa, nood need to schedule an appointment na kasi minors 7 years old and below are entertained sa courtesy lane (walk-in).

  2. Krizzy

    Hi momshie, nawawalan na ko ng pag-asa na makakuha ng passport ni baby kasi sabi dapat daw galing PSA. Buti na lang nakita ko tong post mo. Thanks so much! 😍

  3. bianca

    my son has a passport already, that was taken when he was 2 mos. son now is almost 3 can he still use his old passport? super iba na kc hitsura nya s passport photo nya e. .pero the validity of his passport is until 2021.
    thank you

    1. mommykrystal

      Hi Bianca. Yes, his passport is still valid. I was curious din dati e. Sabi sa DFA, just bring additional proof of identification na lang like birth certificate or school ID. Just in case lang naman. May mga countries kasi na they don’t ask for additional identification. So, depende lang kung saan kayo magttravel. 😀

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  4. janice

    hi po pwedi po ba na sa husband ko ang gamiting passport id for my baby.. kukuha pa kasi ako nang passport! isasabay ko sana pagkuha yong sa baby ko at sa akin?
    thank you

    1. mommykrystal

      Hi Janice, you should bring your valid ID too. Para pareho kayong may valid ID ni hubby. 😀

      Support this blog by clicking Like on my Facebook Page and following my Instagram Account. You may also contact me through these social media accounts.

  5. Lovely

    Kahit saang PSA po ba pwedeng magpa authenticate or sa main tawage?

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