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Are you a New Parent? You MUST read this!

Becoming a parent is a tough job. Between sleep deprivation and unlimited dirty diapers, there are plenty of important things to take care of – this includes thinking about your family’s future and security.

Yes, the topic is about securing your family with insurance and an investment.


Read the 3 sample situations below. Remember, you are now a parent. An adorable little human is completely depending on you!

So, you MUST read this!

sunife mommy krystal life insurance

Family 1 – No Life Insurance

Edgar earns P25,000 net of tax per month. His wife, Lydia, stays at home to take care of their 2-month old baby and also manages the household. They currently have P50,000 saved in the bank. Their monthly expenses usually amount to P22,000.

They have no insurance.

If something bad were to happen to Edgar, what would become of his wife and baby? How will Lydia afford their monthly expenses without Edgar’s paycheck? Sure, they have savings, pero kapag nabawas na ang funeral expenses pati ang gastos nila sa pang-araw-araw, hanggang kailan aabot ang savings nila? And when their savings run out, what will Lydia do?? She has no work and their baby is still too young.

Family 2 – No Life Insurance

Mario is a top manager and earns P60,000 per month net of tax. His wife also works and earns P25,000 a month. Pero, uso saatin na kapag malaki ang sahod, malaki rin ang gastos – monthly expenses P75,000! They have 3 children and their savings account has P90,000.

They have no insurance.

If Mario suddenly passes away, what do you think will happen to his wife and 3 kids? Without insurance, his wife will rely on her salary and their savings account. Pero kung umaabot sa P75,000 ang expenses nila kada buwan (i.e., tuition, baon, gas, rent, utilities, supplies), hindi nga aabot ng 2 months yung savings nila.

I’ve seen situations like this wherein the kids had to transfer to a public school. The wife had to take on jobs on the side to earn more. Loans and mortgages are not paid. And the bills pile up. It’s really sad, BUT IT DOES HAPPEN.

Family 3 – Variable Life Insurance

Lando is in middle management and earns P40,000/month net. His wife is also employed and earns P15,000/month net. They have adorable twins! Their monthly expenses amount to P40,000. Most of their remaining earnings go to the bank and premiums for their Variable Universal Life insurance or VUL.

VUL is an insurance policy wherein a portion of your monthly premium goes to an investment fund. In short, parang nag-iipon ka lang tapos may libreng life insurance ka na! Plus, your money will grow a lot more pa (as compared to a savings account)!

Lando is smart. He has a SunLife VUL policy for P1,300,000 plus an investment fund…

for just P3,000 per month!

If something bad were to happen to Lando, Paano na ang kanyang wife and twins? They will receive his insurance benefit of P1,300,000 plus the balance of his investment fund. Yes, the wife and kids will be devastated by what happened, pero at least nabawas na sa mga aalalahanin ang financial worries.

BUT, if Lando is still healthy and strong after 10 years (praise the Almighty Father), his investment fund will amount to P430,000. Kung sa bangko mo itinago ang P3,000 per month for 10 years, baka nga hindi pa aabot ng P370,000 ang balance ng savings account mo.

When Lando turns 60 years old, his fund will amount to P3.5 million! Paying for routine check-ups, medicines, travel, and pasyal with grandchildren will not be a problem for Lolo Lando.

Sunlife mommy Krystal life insurance
Credit: yourmillennialfinancialadvisor

Having read the 3 situations, mapapaisip ka, right? For just a couple of thousand pesos per month, I can secure my family’s future AND save up for retirement.

One of my friends said, “I got my insurance policy today. How did I pay for it? I just cut back on expensive coffee, dining out, impulse-buying, and other vices. I’m now insured, saving up, AND living a healthier life!”

Tama nga naman siya. If you just cut back on buying THE THINGS YOU DON’T NEED and THE THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SICK (i.e. alcohol, cigarettes, etc.), you can easily afford an insurance policy while living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Where Should I Buy a VUL Insurance Policy?

Let me introduce Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc. They are the first and longest standing life-insurer of the country. They have been around for 124 years in the industry and still the number one life insurance company in the Philippines.

My husband and I are proud holders of Sun Life’s Maxilink Prime because we believe in the product and its many benefits. We also think that it’s the product most suitable for young couples who are starting a family.

Get your policy now! Fill out the form below and I will get back to you will a SunLife Proposal that suits you.

Start now! I hope to hear from you soon!

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