Baby #2 Gender Reveal And Pregnancy Update

We went to the doctor and…

We’re so happy to share that we’re having a BABY BOY!!

Our whole family is so thrilled to be welcoming a little boy. Even Rigel, the soon-to-be big sister, can’t stop hugging and kissing my baby bump.

I also think that Vauhn is overjoyed that we’re having a boy because, right now, he’s at the mercy of us girls!

Are you ready for some fun gender reveal pictures?

We actually had a good idea of the gender reveal photos to announce our baby’s gender. But, unexpected things happen – we forgot the camera’s external flash, the tape was nowhere to be found, and Rigel was already grumpy.

Nevertheless, we pushed through because we can’t wait to share the news to everyone!

Rigel is just so cute trying to peek through the letter O!
I can’t wait to meet my little baby brother…
Someone looks deliriously happy!
The family picture
Daddy enjoyed the balloons a lot. I think Rigel was jealous.
Yes, that’s right, I’m gonna be a Big Sister.

At some point, Rigel grew tired of smiling for the camera…

You hold this, mommy. I’m tired!
Pagod na ko. Uwian na tayo!

Pregnancy Update:

Due date: June 12, 2018

How far along: 27 weeks

Gender: Boy!

Movement:  Our baby boy is wild! Moving and kicking all day and all night. Sometimes his kicks shock me as they are strong and sudden. However, I always welcome his movements because it’s always a good sign.

Total weight gain so far: Ohmeygersh GUUYYSS!! TWENTY ONE POUNDS!! I didn’t gain this much when I was pregnant with Rigel. But my doctor said that my weight gain is still within normal range, so, I’m a little relieved. I will, however, start planning my diet and refrain from eating too much. Good luck to me!

Stretch Marks: So far, none! Yey! Patience and consistency in applying lotion is the key.

Sleep: Aside from waking up every 2 to 3 hours to feed Rigel, the baby also keeps me awake with all his kicking. I just sneak in some extra sleep in the morning by letting Vauhn take care of Rigel until he needs to leave for work.

Food Cravings: I don’t even want to list down all the delightful food I’m craving but can’t have because it’s not sold here in the province. If there’s something I miss about living in Metro Manila, it’s the food!

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      Thank you! 😀

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