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How to Compute for SSS Maternity Benefit – Expanded Maternity Law

So many of you have been asking how to compute for your SSS Maternity Benefit under the new Expanded Maternity Law. Yes, I’ve received your queries and I’m so sorry for not being able to respond quickly because, you know… kids. But, ‘coz I love you guys, the objective of this post is to help you compute for your SSS …

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You will never go hungry if you have a backyard!

We went to IRIGA Cirreeeeh!!! A charming city where I was born and raised to become the beautiful and brilliant woman that I am now… charot!! Bitbit ang kids, we drove to Camarines Sur to stay with my parents for 2 months. It’s sort of a business, pleasure, and everything-in-between kind of a visit. But, for the most part, it’s …

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Are you a New Parent? You MUST read this!

Becoming a parent is a tough job. Between sleep deprivation and unlimited dirty diapers, there are plenty of important things to take care of – this includes thinking about your family’s future and security. Yes, the topic is about securing your family with insurance and an investment. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT! DON’T PRESS THAT EXIT BUTTON JUST YET! Read the 3 …

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2018 Update! Philhealth Maternity Benefit: How It Can Lighten Your Maternity Costs

Update: New policy on Benefit Eligibility starting October 1, 2018   The time you discover that you have a growing human inside your belly is a magical moment! But before you get too pumped up with decorating the nursery or thinking of baby names, let’s dive into the practical side of having a baby – expenses, expenses, and more expenses! …

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Planning a Catholic Baptism: 10 Practical Tips

The event to officially welcome me to the enchanting world of party-planning was my daughter’s Baptism. A baptism (also called Christening) is a celebration of life, faith, and culture wherein we welcome our children into the Christian faith. With your family and loved ones to celebrate the occasion, you’ll have a heartwarming and blessed sacrament. Since there is plenty of …

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How To Apply For SSS Maternity Benefit | Voluntary Member

I didn’t go through the hassle of filing for my SSS maternity benefit during my first pregnancy because our HR Officer processed everything for me. Now that I’m a full-time mom who opted for voluntary SSS membership and is 25 weeks pregnant, I’ll have to personally accomplish and submit all my requirements. If you’re an unemployed, self-employed, or voluntary SSS …

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Philips Avent – P1 MILLION PESOS Giveaway!

Mommies!! Get a chance to win P1,000,000 when you purchase Philips Avent products on from November 9 to December 12, 2017. Here’s the full promo mechanics (source): Eligibility & Promo Mechanics This promotion is open to all Lazada Philippines customers. Promo period is from November 09, 2017 – December 12, 2017. With a minimum spend of Php 1,500.00 of …

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