Little Mermaid Crown Baby Mommy Krystal
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DIY Little Mermaid Crown

Our princess needed a Little Mermaid Crown for her 1st Birthday, so naturally, mommy got busy!

I was so excited for another DIY project. Yey!

I took an old plastic crown from my sister’s headbands collection. Sorry TinTin! I’ll replace it with a new one. Promise!

As you can see, the material is plastic and it’s pretty old and worn out. Also, there were sharp edges on the inner side of the headband which can hurt or cut our princess’ scalp.

Little Mermaid Crown Baby Mommy Krystal

Materials used:

  1. Old headband/crown
  2. Purple silk fabric (excess from the dress I had custom-made for Rigel)
  3. Purple sequin string which I bought from the local textile outlet.
  4. Colorful rhinestones. I got this pack from Amazon. A pound of these crystal gems cost $10.98 (200 pieces of different colors, shapes, and sizes). What a steal!  These are also what I used for my DIY Baby Shoes Makeover (Little Mermaid Inspired).rhinestone little mermaid diy shoes mommy krystal

What I did:

  1. Scraped the entire headband of any protruding sharp plastic using a cutter and scissors. I took my time and really made sure that there were no sharp edges left. I didn’t want my baby to get hurt.
  2. Cover the headband with purple silk fabric using hot glue. Make sure to add got glue every half inch so that the fabric won’t move around and expose the plastic.
  3. Attach the sequin string to the entire headband using the hot glue. This will add more sparkle to the crown.
  4. Glue the rhinestones to the crown using hot glue. I didn’t put too many rhinestones, otherwise, the crown will be heavy. Heavy crown equates to irritable and annoyed baby who will eventually just remove the crown or throw it away. We don’t want that!


So, here’s the final output:

Little Mermaid Crown Baby Mommy Krystal

Little Mermaid Crown Baby Mommy Krystal

Little Mermaid Crown Baby Mommy Krystal

Good luck on your DIY project. Thank you for reading, guys!




  1. Ivy

    Great job! I don’t plan on making one anytime soon, but I just want to say that the crown looks great. Your baby is so cute too.

    1. mommykrystal

      Thank you, Ivy! 😀

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