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How to Compute for SSS Maternity Benefit – Expanded Maternity Law

So many of you have been asking how to compute for your SSS Maternity Benefit under the new Expanded Maternity Law. Yes, I’ve received your queries and I’m so sorry for not being able to respond quickly because, you know… kids.

But, ‘coz I love you guys, the objective of this post is to help you compute for your SSS Maternity Benefit. This way, you won’t have to wait for 3 months for me to respond to your questions. Hihihi!

Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

1. You need to know your Monthly Salary Credit (MSC).

This is the equivalent salary credit based on the amount of contribution you paid during the month. Below is the table for Self-Employed, Voluntary, and Non-Working Spouse members. So, let’s say you paid a monthly contribution of P960 during November, then your MSC is P8,000. And if you pay P1,200 on December, then your MSC will be P10,000. And so on…

Monthly Salary CreditSS Contribution

Note: This Contribution Schedule is only for Self-Employed, Voluntary, and Non-Working Spouse members. You may check the schedule for other membership types here.

2. Identify your Semester of Contingency.

I’ve talked about this before in How to Apply for SSS Maternity Benefit wherein we identified the 12-month period excluding the Semester of Contingency. And because I love you guys, I made a Cheat Sheet para hindi na sumakit ang ulo nyo.

Find your Due Date (month) from the table below and you’ll see the corresponding Semester of Contingency as well as the 12-month qualifying period. To qualify for SSS Maternity Benefit, you need to pay at least 3 monthly contributions during the 12-month qualifying period (3rd column).

Let’s say your due date is on July 2020. Then, to qualify for maternity benefit, you should pay at least 3 months contribution from April 2019 to March 2020.

mommy krystal sss maternity benefit

3. Select the 6 highest MSC from the 12-month period

Add up the 6 highest MSC to get your Total MSC (Review: MSC means Monthly Salary Credit). If you only have 3, 4 or 5 monthly contributions during the 12-month period, then only add the MSC for those months.

Let’s have some sample computations para di tayo ma-stress, momsh.

Say the below table summarizes your contributions during the 12-month period. I’ve identified the 6 highest monthly contributions and highlighted them in RED. The corresponding MSC of these contributions are the ones you will add up to get the Total MSC.

mommy krystal sss maternity benefit

4. Get the Average Daily Salary Credit

Divide the Total MSC by 180 days to get the Average Daily Salary Credit. The 180 days is a fixed denominator. So, even if you were only able to pay 3 monthly contributions, you will still divide your Total MSC by 180 days.

P85,000 ÷ 180 days = P472.22 Average Daily Salary Credit

5. Compute for the Total SSS Maternity Benefit

Multiply the Average Daily Salary Credit based on the following criteria:

  • Normal Delivery – 105 days
  • Ceasarean Delivery – 105 days
  • Abortion and Miscarriage – 60 days
  • Solo Parent (normal or ceasarean) – 120 days

So, P472.22 x 105 days = P49,583.33 Total Matenity Benefit

If the member is a solo parent, you just need to multiply the Average Daily Salary Credit by 120 days:

P472.22 x 120 days = P56,666.40 Total Maternity Benefit

Ganern lang kadali, momsh!

Well, what if you only paid 4 monthly contributions during the 12-month period? Your computation will look like this:

mommy krystal sss maternity benefit

So, P55,000 ÷ 180 days = P305.56 Average Daily Salary Credit

Then, multiply that by 105 days for either normal or caesarean delivery and you will get P32,083.33 Total Maternity Benefit.

If the member is a solo parent, then, P305.56 x 120 days = P36,667.20 Total Maternity Benefit

O diba, ang dali lang pala?

I hope this post enlightens all the “windang” moms-to-be out there so that they may stop stressing about their SSS Maternity Benefit already… and just enjoy their pregnancy!

Lots of love,

mommy krystal sss maternity benefit


  1. Lennylyn

    Mommy krystal, what if ang due date ko is first week of april pero sabi ng OB ko, CS na raw ako sa last week ng march. Ano ang susundin ni SSS sa pagcompute ng maternity benefit ko? Tnx

    1. mommykrystal

      Hi Lennylyn, SSS will follow the date of your delivery which will be March 2020. 😀

  2. Megan

    Always so helpful, will definitely share!

    1. mommykrystal

      Aawww.. Thank you!

  3. Tina G.

    Mommy krystal ask ko lang kung pasok ba ko sa maternity benifits ng sss, kaka start ko lang kasi nung oct.2019, ang due date ko sa May 2020 dahil kambal ang baby ko automatic na cs talaga ako. Kung sakali na maka avail ako. Paano po cumputation nun? 3 months lang po ba? 1200 ang monthly contrib. Ko po. thank in advance sa rply mo mommy 🥰

    1. mommykrystal

      Hi Momsh. Here you go…

      P10,000 x 3 months = P30,000

      P30,000 / 180 days = P166.67 daily benefit

      P166.67 x 105 days = P17,500 total maternity benefit

  4. Dranie

    Finally! Matagal na naming hinihintay tong post na to. Hahahaha! Salamat momsh.

    1. mommykrystal

      Hahaha! I know right? Sorry na! 😀

  5. Marie

    Hi Momsh!

    I’ve got a question, EDD ko is July 9. So dapat may bayad ako between April 2019-March 2020. Since December ngayon at alam ko pwede magbayad ng quarterly, pwede ko ba gawin yon para mabayaran yong Oct-Dec? Ngayon lang din ako magbabayad as a volunteer eh.

    Pero nabasa ko kasi na ebabase ni SSS kung kailan ako manganganak… So what if nanganak ako ng June instead of July. So magiging useless ba yong binayad ko?

    1. mommykrystal

      Hi Marie. Yes, you may pay for Oct to Dec 2019 contribution until the deadline – Jan 2020. Kung mapaaga ang panganganak mo, ang required contribution mo na is 3 months contribution from Jan to Dec 2019. Kaya you really need to pay Oct to Dec 2019 para sure ka na maka-avail ng maternity benefit, just in case excited lumabas si baby. 😀

    2. Joy

      Hello Mamsh..

      Tanong ko LNG po kung makakaavail po ako ng maternity benefits.nahulugan ko LNG po AUGUST TO NOVEMBER.2019. Due date ko po is MAY 2020

  6. Jho-an M. Patdo

    Hi po. Pano po kung pang 3rd child na po. Hindi po ba mababawasan ung sa computation ng hulog? 1st and 2nd po hindi po ako naka avail ng maternity benefits kc po wala pa ako hulog. Bali po first time lng mag aavail. Salamat

  7. ivy jane demeterio

    good day po mommy crystal,,
    ask ko lang po sana ang due date ko po is may 2020,,then nag start palang po ako ng hulog nung august 2019
    pano computation po non???tnx!!in advance

  8. Hi Mommy krystal,
    Tanong ko lng po, nabuntis ako june 2019 at due date ko po is march 29, 2020 pasok po ba ako sa sss marternity benefits at paano po ang computation ng contribution ko po? my 8months po ako na hulog mamshie..
    October 1,760
    November 1,760
    December 1,760
    January 1,705
    February 1,760
    March 1,760
    April 1,800
    May 660
    October 360
    November 360
    December 360
    January 360
    sana po matulongan nyo po ako and thank you..

  9. Rayne

    Hi po mommy krystal, ask ko lang po. Mkaka avail kaya ako sa maternity benefit if sa Oct 2019 pa ako nag start nagbayad tas hanggang Dec 2019 pa ang nabayaran ko, pero mag babayad nko this January kasali na ang sa feb at march kasi ngayon March 2020 ang due date ko.

  10. Rayne

    Tsaka po pala mommy krystal, if Oct 2019 hanggang March 2020 lang nabayaran ko, magkano po ba makukuha kong maternity benefit kung skali mkaka avail ako? 480 lng yung MC ko kasi self-employed lng ako. Thank you po! ☺️

  11. Abi

    Hi Mommy krsytal, Matagal na akong hindi active sa pagbabayad sa sss. Now suspected 1 month preggy ako and supposed to be October ang due ko tru CS, Kung magvoluntary payment ako mommy qualified ba ako for matben?

  12. Janen obanel

    Hi po ask ko lang april due date ko kaso 3 months lang nahulugan ko july-sept ngayun march po ba pwd ko pp ba hulugan ung oct-dec ko., mahahabol papo ba yun? Thank u in advance

  13. Riza

    Hi mommy Krystal, kakastart ko lang po mag contribute nung January 2020 and ang due date ko po is july or august, makaka avail pa po ba ako?

    1. mommykrystal

      Hi Momsh, how many months ang nabayaran mo po from April 2019 to March 2020? If you paid at least 3 months during that period, qualified ka na for maternity benefit. 😀

  14. Althea

    Hi Momsh!

    Ask ko lang what if complete ung hulog mo from Jan 2019 upto March 2020 pagbabasihan parin ba ung 6 highest contribution mo ung kabuan kung ilang buwan ung nahulog? Thank you ❤️

    1. mommykrystal

      Hi Momsh. Yes, yung 6 highest monthly contributions mo ang pagbabasehan ng computation. 😀

  15. Shane Torres

    Hello po, nakapagbayd po ako nung Oct- Dec 2019 and Jan-March 2020, need ko pa po ba mgcontinue ng bayad until sa due ko which is Sept? or quota na ako dun. yung highest kasi inavail ko. Thank you

    1. mommykrystal

      Hi Momsh. Yung 12 months contingency period mo is from April 2019 to March 2020. So, ung payments mo from April 2020 onward, di na un kasama sa computation.

  16. Shey

    Hello, my EDD is Oct. 22, 2020. Complete contribution po ako until this May 31, 2020 as employed, but starting June 1, I got separated from work and will pay my contribution as voluntary. How will I compute for my maternity benefits and what will be it’s coverage? Kasama po ba sa magiging computation ng Maternity Benefit yung voluntary contribution ko o magbebase pa din po sa 6months highest contribution ko pa din? Thank you

    1. mommykrystal

      Hi Momsh. If you due date is October, your 12-month contingency period is July 2019 to June 2020. You are already qualified for maternity benefit kasi complete naman yung contributions mo until May 2020. And yes, even if you pay the June 2020 contribution as voluntary, they will still select the 6 months with the highest contributions.

  17. Jennifer

    Panu po kung pasok po aku sa 6 pyment ehh .. ang sahod ku po ay minimum po panu po ung compute nun mam.🙂🙂🙂

    1. mommykrystal

      Hi momsh. How much ung contribution na bnabayaran per month?

  18. Joanna Monsale

    This is very helpful! Additional question lang po, I resigned sa work last January 2020 and my EDD is October 2020. If mag vovoluntary contribution ako, need ko pa bayaran yung March to July 2020 (Feb 2020 po last hulog ni employer) para ma qualify sa matben? Thank you po. 😊

  19. Jennifer

    Nasa 500+ plus po ung kinakaltas sakin nung company namin mam every month.. july 29 2020.. po ung delivery time ku .. and ung first at last kung hulog mam.. is feb1 2019 to nov 2019..

  20. Allyza marie Santiago

    Hi po! What if last payment ko is December 2018, if magbabayad po ako ng contribution for January to March 2020 today.. Makaka avail po ba ako ng maternity benefits? August 15, 2020 po ang EDD ko. And how much po ang makukuha ko? Thank you.


    Hello! Just wanna ask if, july 2020 ang due date ko. Oct 2019-march 2020 may hulog ako. Pero dahil since covid nga ngayon, is mahihinto ung hulog ko. Need ko pa po ba bayaran ung from april-june ko to qualify? Or kahit hindi na po bsta may hulog ako dun sa 12 month period ko? Thanks in advance po.

  22. Hi Ms. Krystal, my sibling EDD is on December 2020, per checking, its qualified for ML benefits, may I ask if nag iiba iba po ba talaga yung monthly contribution? let say po na we choose 15k monthly salary and 1800 po per month yung babayaran namin, pwede po ba kami mag exceed sa 1800 na monthly na babayaran namin kung sakaling ang napili namin ay 1800 monthly? Thank you

  23. Jean marice galano



  24. Jhem

    Hello po momshie ask ko lng Po if qualified ako sa sss due date ko Po is November 15 2020 employed Po ako January 2019 to March 2020 Po ako nkapag work at nakapg hulog makakakuha Po ba ako? Salamat po

  25. aisa

    hello po ask ko lng po if ilang beses po makakapag avail ng maternity benefit? bali nakapag avail n po ako 2x..pwede pdin po kaya makapag avail for the 3rd time?

  26. Dianne

    Mommy krystal ask ko lang kung pasok ba ko sa maternity benifits ng sss, nahulugan po yung may2019-Feb2020 ko. Tapos march-june2020 po hindi kasi gawa ng lockdown po hindi no work no pay po ako. Tapos ngayon july2020 nagstart na po nahuhulugan yung sss ko po ulit. Ang due date ko po kasi is Octobe2020 . Thank you po

  27. Cha

    Hi mommy krystal ask ko lng pp if qualified po ako maam . Yung edd ko ay september 2020 . Tapos yung nahulogan lng ng employer ko maam ay january 2019 to december 2019 .kasi hanggang december 31 2019 lng yung work namin maam . Qualified po ba ako maam?

  28. christine

    good day po..
    sa november 22, 2020 po ang edd ko and hanggang march 2020 Lng po kc ang nabayaran ng empLoyer ko..
    madedeny po ba ko sa maternity benefits ko? compLete po ako sa huLog since Last 4 years not untiL nagka
    covid po..saLamat..

  29. vithy

    hi po mam..
    may2019 pa po ako start contribute sss.

    EDD ko sana sept. 2020, Due to uncontrolled BP na CS po ako in month of AUGUST..
    nka.contribute pa po ako month of august..

    May2019 to Aug.2020, 1200 po monthly contribution ko.


  30. Zat

    Hi..ask ko lang po..last payment ko nov 2019 na.di na nakpaghulog til now. duedate ko po is aprl 2020..pwde pa ba ako magbayad sa sss??

  31. shiela

    hi mommy krystal ung sister ko due date nya on february… kaya pang habulin ang monthly contribution till feb right? according to the bracket…. thank u sa reply

  32. Hash abadayan

    Thank u mam krystal now alam ko na po makukuha ko….nacompute ko na poh….salamat sa sample😀

    1. mommykrystal

      You’re welcome, momsh! So glad I was able to help. Have a safe pregnancy and delivery. 😀

  33. Florie Mae

    Hi po, ask lang po ako kasi sa akin po is April to December 2020 under MSC po ako na 3,000 then this January to March 2021 po is under MSC of 20,000, ang due date ko po is on September 2021..Panu po pag compute ng 6 highest contribution kasi parang 3 contributions (Jan-Mar 2021) lng po ang highest. Salamat po

  34. Sha

    Hi, I am paying monthly contribution po sa SSS. Voluntary member po ako. EDD ko 1st week October. Pero just in case Sept po ako manganak, so meaning at least meron ako hulog from Jan – March 2021, right? Kaso yung March payment ko is April ko na nabayaran. Sabi kc sa PRN due date nya is April 30. Pero may nababasa ako na pag ganun daw late payment na yun for MATBEN. Tama po ba?

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