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How To: SSS Online Registration 2018

If you’re an SSS member but don’t have a My.SSS account yet, here’s a simple step-by-step guide for you.

But first, the basics…

What is My.SSS?

It is an online service platform of the SSS website wherein the members may easily access their social security records via their online account.

You know what this means, mommies? No more hassle of going to an SSS branch with your baby (and 3 bulky bags full of diapers, milk, clothes, and food). Say goodbye to the my-child-is-bored-and-won’t-stop-crying dilemma while waiting in line for your turn. Best of all, no more messy poop crisis! Yey!

What are the benefits of having a My.SSS account?

  • You can view, download, and print your social security records
  • View your paid contributions (per month)
  • Perform online transactions such as filing an SSS salary loan application or applying for SSS maternity benefit
  • Check your SSS loan payment records
  • Look at the details of your SSS benefit claims
  • Participate in the Members Forum within the online portal

SSS also encourages all its members to register online to ensure the security of their account. Kaya register ka na rin, besh!


How do I register for My.SSS?

For optimal viewing and functionality, the SSS Website requires Internet Explorer (IE) version 11. Download it here.

1. Go to the official SSS website’s online registration page here.

The page will provide 5 options for you, choose one information which you’ve previously reported to SSS. Click on your chosen option.

sss online registration my.sss

2. Fill out the required information in the Online Member User ID Registration form. Click the Submit button.

General tips:

  • Double-check the information you’ve entered to make sure that you left no required field blank or incorrectly filled out. The fields with asterisk (*) are required so you should not leave those blank.
  • UserID must have at least 8 characters.
  • Use the drop-down calendar when entering the date of birth to prevent errors.
  • If you’ve chosen “UMID CARD” in Step 1, the form will ask for your UMID pin code. If you don’t have the pin code yet, you need to activate your UMID card first in the SSS information terminal at SSS branches.
  • Input the captcha code and check the tick box next to “I accept the Terms of Service.” The message below should appear after clicking the Submit button.

sss online registration


3. Check your email inbox after 30 minutes for the system notification from SSS.

Open your email to know if your online registration was successful. You’ll receive an email from after about 30 minutes – the message should contain an activation link and your user ID.

Note: If your email address is not Yahoo Mail (such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, etc.), you might want to check your Spam folder because the system notification may have ended up there.


4. Activate your account and set up your password

Click the Activation Link provided in the email. You need to activate your account within 5 working days, otherwise, the link will expire and you will have to go through the registration process again.

The link will open a new page where you will be required to set up your password. Make sure that your password meets the requirements: length must be 8-20 alphanumeric characters, first character must be alphabetic, no special characters, and must be different from the userID (ex. MommyKrystal2018)

Click Submit and you’re done!

Note: There are instances when the online registration to My.SSS may be unsuccessful. You may contact them at or you may send a message at the Official SSS Facebook page.

If you have questions or additional information, leave them in the comments section below or send me a message here.

Glad to help!





  1. Ish Camaro

    What if I didn’t receive any email regarding my SSS e services registration? Thank you.

    1. mommykrystal

      Did you check your Spam folder? It may have ended there especially if the email address you used to register is not Gmail.

  2. Charm

    what to do if my name (registered in sss) was too long to fit in the given name box? I tried it with my first name only (i have second name), but it wasn’t accepted by MySSS

  3. Lissamei

    Pano po kung nagemail na for activation and kinlick ko na po yung activation link.
    Pero pag open ng new page. Blank page lang sya. Pero nasa sss page po. Walang lumabas na set up password something like that.??

    1. mommykrystal

      Hi Lissa. Did you try clicking the link again? 😀

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