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Natúk: A Taste of Home!

I’ve been craving libas for months! That mouthwatering fusion of sour libas leaves with coconut milk and loads of siling labuyo. So delish!

I know what you’re thinking – especially you, Daddy. Normal cravings lang ‘to, hindi ako naglilihi. No new apo coz I’m not pregnant. Bleh!

It’s just, we’ve been here in Samar for a while now and I really miss home. Don’t get me wrong, I’m having a feast with all the fresh salt-water produce. But, a Bicolana just needs to have her gulay with gata – plus plenty of sili!

Libas Online!

I saw Natúk’s Libas sa Gata online and it made me curious. After a few taps, I found out that the makers are from my hometown. Only means that these guys know what they’re doing.

Excited ako! I ordered on Lazada. A 200g glass jar costs P165.

How was it, you ask?

It’s exactly what I was hoping for. My craving was indeed satisfied. It starts with a delightful sour taste followed by a creamy leafy flavor. It then leaves you with a subtle spicy pinch. Surrraaapp!

Tastes like home!

Fair warning, though. If you’re trying to lose weight or on a diet, this is not for you! Because I am certain na mapaparami ang kain mo, mumshie.

You can enjoy it as a main dish with a cup of rice – or three! Hahaha! It’s also great as a side to other viands like fried fish. Below are photos of how I enjoyed my jar of happiness:

With fried fish:

natuk libas sa gata

On pasta:

natuk libas sa gata

As filling (palaman):

natuk libas sa gata

Use your imagination! However way you choose to enjoy your libas sa gata, I just wish you’d feel the same way as I did.

mommy krystal


  1. Steph

    How creative! Naisip mo pa talagang ilagay sya sa pasta, momsh. Ano yun, Libas Pasta? Pasta con Libas? 😂

    1. mommykrystal

      Alam mo naman, momsh, I like all things kakaiba. Hahaha! I bet you will like it too. Yaz! Pasta con Libas ang mas bet ko. Hahaha

  2. Margaret

    I’ve seen this on my friend’s IG. She said it was yummy. Now, I gotta try this. Do you have a discount code?

    1. mommykrystal

      You absolutely must! Unfortunately, I don’t have a discount code. But for P165 a jar, it’s a steal. 😁👍

  3. Karen

    Discount voucher please, momsh! 😉

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