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Philhealth Maternity Benefit: How It Can Lighten Your Maternity Costs

The time you discover that you have a growing human inside your belly is a magical moment! But before you get too pumped up with decorating the nursery or thinking of baby names, let’s dive into the practical side of having a baby – expenses, expenses, and more expenses!

If you don’t know it yet, let me tell you that it’s expensive to be pregnant and to give birth. The minimum cost is P5,000 if you give birth in a small birthing clinic or a charity ward. But, if you prefer a private hospital, chances are your bill will amount to at least P100,000. Caesarian delivery costs even more – believe me, I’ve been on the receiving end of a CS delivery bill.

I don’t mean to scare you! I just want to point out the importance of being financially prepared before your little bundle of joy arrives.

You can lessen your maternity costs by knowing the benefits you’re entitled to, namely Philhealth and SSS Maternity Benefits. (I’ve published a separate post on How You Can Qualify For SSS Maternity Benefit)

Here’s the lowdown on the Philhealth Maternity Coverage that every expectant Filipino mother should know:

1. You should be a Philhealth member to avail of the Maternity Benefits

If you’re pregnant but not a Philhealth member yet, I suggest you register now! You may do so through their electronic registration via My Philhealth Portal or by personally filing an application in one of the Philhealth branches both locally and abroad.


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2. Timely payment of monthly contributions

Just because you’re a Philhealth member doesn’t mean you automatically qualify for maternity benefit. Your contributions should be updated to meet the minimum requirements.

Employed, self-employed, or voluntary members are required to pay at least 3 monthly contributions within 6 months before delivery date. Let’s take my case: I will give birth on June 2, 2018, therefore, to qualify for Philhealth maternity benefit I should have paid at least 3 months contribution from December 2017 to May 2018.

Note: Payments made during your confinement at the hospital are not considered as valid payment for the purpose of this claim.

You may check your payments online through their Member’s Inquiry Portal.

3. What are the Philhealth Maternity Benefits?

Pregnant? Yes!

Already a Philhealth member? Yes!

Are your contributions up-to-date? Yes!

Then, congratulations! You are now qualified to avail of the Philhealth Maternity Benefit Packages, as follows:

a. Maternity Care Package (MCP)

The MCP covers health care services during pregnancy, labor, childbirth, and even follow-up visits. The coverage is P8,000 if you give birth in a small non-hospital facility like a lying-in clinic or maternity clinic. However, if you give birth in a hospital, your MCP package is P6,500.

b. Normal Spontaneous Delivery (NSD)

This package covers normal low-risk vaginal deliveries and follow-up visits. The coverage is P6,500 if you give birth in a non-hospital facility like lying-in clinics or maternity clinics. Should you give birth at a hospital, the coverage is P5,000.

c. Other Deliveries Covered by Philhealth

Philhealth maternity benefit also covers mothers who give birth via Caesarian section (P19,000), complicated vaginal delivery (P9,700), Vaginal Delivery After C-section (P12,120), and breech extraction (P12,120).

d. Newborn Care Package (NCP)

The NCP ensures that newborns have access to healthcare services in the first hours of life. This package amounting to P1,750 covers newborn screening test, newborn hearing test, and other essential newborn care services.


4. How to file your Philhealth Maternity Claims

Be sure to prepare the following documents for an expeditious processing of your Philhealth maternity claims:

  • Updated Member Date Record (MDR)
  • Completely filled out Philhealth Claim Form
  • Photocopy of valid ID
  • Supporting documents like marriage certificate
  • Official Receipts of your Philhealth contributions

Should you have further questions, you may contact Philhealth directly at (02) 441-7442 or send them an email at You may also send them a message on their Official Facebook Account.


It’s best to settle your SSS and Philhealth requirements early, mommies – for a carefree and enjoyable pregnancy. Cherish those kicks and may we all have a safe delivery! God bless!


  1. Jennylord Salapantan

    Can I use my husband’s philhealth card instead?

    1. mommykrystal

      Hi Jennylord,
      Yes! If you’re married, you automatically become your husband’s dependent. But, I suggest you check your husband’s records if it has already been updated (to married status and you as his spouse).

  2. hazel

    can i have my refund even if my baby is late register she don’t have yet her birth certificate until philhealth have completely contribution but i can’t avail

    1. mommykrystal

      Hi Hazel. Can you be more specific? Wala pang birth certificate si baby? Pero nakapagclaim kayo ng philhealth benefit before kayo lumabas sa hospital?

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