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Salacia Coffee Drink Mix

I love coffee! I can’t tell you how much I love coffee because I love it so much! That’s why my whole world shattered when my doctor told me not to have coffee anymore because of my hyperacidity. 😭😭

Nepekeseket!! Umiyak ako ng plenty. Huhuhu!😭

Now, it’s been 10 months since I had my last coffee. Ang tagal na pala! Pero in fairness, not having coffee has greatly minimized my symptoms. 🤗

Kaya I was hesitant when my good friend introduced Immunoglow’s Salacia Coffee Drink Mix to me. But she explained that Salacia Coffee is different from most coffee mixes – it’s actually better!

Salacia Coffee Drink has a non-dairy creamer, Salacia extract, inulin fiber, Immuno 200 glutathione tripeptides, stevia, and collagen. Just imagine all these healthy and beauty-boosting elements combined in one cup! Amazing diba?

When I had my first sip, nagulat talaga ako! I didn’t expect the rich and creamy salted caramel flavor kasi. I was like… Ang sarap pala nito! Hahahaha! So yummy talaga, mamsh! 😋

Pero eto na nga ang million-peso question… Did I experience symptoms of hyperacidity after I had Immunoglow’s Salacia Coffee Drink Mix???

Answer – NO!

OMG! Since then, I’ve been drinking Salacia coffee everyday after my breakfast. I’m so happy kasi nakakainom ulit ako ng kape! Yehey!!! Thank you so much talaga. I also drink it iced when I’m working or watching TV. So yummy kasi!!

It has 10 sachets per box and each sachet has 25 grams of creamy salted caramel coffee goodness.

You can purchase Immunoglow’s Salacia Coffee Drink online para ma-try mo rin, Ma! Just go to their Shopee Store, click here.

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