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Slide, Swing, Climb: 3 Benefits of Indoor Play Area

All of us have been stuck in our homes due to the community quarantine. While staying at home and practicing social distancing is a responsible way to protect ourselves and others, I worry that my kids are missing out on a lot of activities which children their age are are supposed to experience.

It was then that my husband and I talked about having an indoor play area, because we see our kids growing up day after day. They can’t just pause their childhood until the community quarantine is lifted. We agreed that we have to give them what they need… as in right now! And those things are physical and mental stimulation.

I researched quite a bit and found out that the slide and swing have plenty of developmental benefits and are also the most popular playground attractions for children. In short, kids are going to develop their skills just by having fun!

We looked online and found Grow’N Up Scramble N Slide Play Centre from Toys R Us Official Store in Lazada. The reviews were great and the store was very responsive to my queries. So, we decided to order!

The kids were ecstatic when they first played on this castle-themed play center! It’s so colorful and inviting – like literally calling the kids to play with it. The wavy slide and high-back swing are perfect for our little ones. There’s even a basketball hoop and a soccer goal to encourage sports.

Here are the specifications:

  • Castle themed to inspire imagination
  • Easy grip climbing wall
  • 3-point safety seatbelt and high wall swing
  • Safe crawl-through space
  • 5.5 feet long slide chute

From what I observed with my kids, there are 3 Developmental Benefits of having a slide and swing:


1. Balance and Coordination

When the kids climb up the ladder one step at a time, then effectively positions and pushes themselves down the slide, they are developing important balance and coordination skills. Their efforts also increases stretching, therefore developing their flexibility. All these skills are being enhanced without them knowing it. All they know is that they are having a blast!

slide swing indoor play area

2. Social Skill Development

Everyone wants to use the slide – even me! Lol! At first, the kids fought over who gets to climb up the slide first. It was crazy and loud! However, something I didn’t expect happened… they started taking turns. When Ate Rigel was on the slide, Altair would wait until she slides down or he would use the swing in the meantime. This is also true when Altair is the one on the slide, Ate Rigel would wait for her turn too. Amazing!

3. Core Control and Motor Skills

When my son first sat on the swing, he thought it was just a chair that moves a little bit. But then, he learned how the swing actually works! Hahaha! Now, he uses his legs to push himself back and forth. He also learned how to balance himself while swinging so that he won’t fall off.

Now, I don’t worry that my kids are missing out on all the fun times we used to have at indoor play areas and at park playgrounds. They can have that right here, in our home.

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