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SSS Maternity Benefit | Frequently Asked Questions

First off, I’d like to thank all my readers for giving plenty of love to my post about SSS Maternity Benefit and how to be a qualified member. I’m also sorry for taking too long to respond to your queries. Between breastfeeding and playtime, ang free time ko lang talaga is when both kids are asleep.

To assist other moms-to-be who are unemployed, self-employed, and voluntary SSS members, I’ve compiled all the frequently asked questions and I will answer them here to the best of my knowledge.

Also, I just want to remind all pregnant women that you’re making a human being. That alone makes you beautiful and amazing! So, chin up, belly out, and show the world what you can do.

sss maternity benefit mommy krystal

1. I’m confused about the quarter of contingency, semester, and 12-month period. Can you help me out?

I made things easy for you, preggy mommy! You can just look for your due date below and you will find the corresponding 12-month period. If you have paid at least 3 monthly contributions during this period, you are already qualified for maternity benefit.

Here’s for the mommies who are due in 2020. Kasi advance ako mag-isip!

2. What are the requirements for maternity notification?

You will be required to fill out the MAT1 form. You’ll also need to submit your ultrasound result or a doctor’s certificate declaring your pregnancy (plus photocopy). Lastly, they will ask for your SSS ID. If you don’t have an SSS ID yet, you may present any 2 valid IDs ( and photocopy of your IDs as well).

3. When should I file my maternity notification?

You may notify SSS of your pregnancy at least 60 days from date of conception. So, as soon as you hit the 8th week, you may already file your maternity notification.

Take note also of the deadline! You are only allowed to submit your maternity notification BEFORE you give birth. Kaya galaw-galaw na, momshie. You never know baka biglang mapaaga ang paglabas ni baby. Baka hindi ka na makapagfile. Sayang!

4. Can I file my maternity notification online?

Yes. But first, you need to register and log-in to My.SSS. Check out my post on How to Register to My.SSS so you have a guide on how to register online. Once you’re registered, go to E-Services and click Submit Maternity Notification. It’s that simple!

sss maternity benefit mommy krystal

5. I recently resigned. How do I change my membership type from employed to voluntary?

No need to fill out forms. You can just go to any SSS branch, present your ID, and inform them that you will have your membership type changed to voluntary member.

6. My doctor prescribed bed rest. Can I send someone else to file my maternity notification?

Yes. Aside from the initial requirements stated in question #2, you will also need to write an authorization letter stating the full name of the person who will file on your behalf. He/she is also required to present his/her ID upon filing. Note that you will need to give both original and photocopy of your ID.

Your other option is to file your maternity notification online. See question #4.

7. I’m employed, what’s my next step?

All you need to do is inform your HR that you’re pregnant. They will provide all the forms for you to fill out. They will also list down the requirements that you need to provide. When everything is in order, they will be the one to file your requirements with SSS. Hayahay diba? Just one of the many perks of being employed – aside from all the free food on your co-workers’ birthdays! Hahaha!

Sss maternity benefit mommy krystal

8. I’ve given birth! Yey! Now what?

Congratulations! You’re now a Mommy. A Mommy again, for non-first timers. Hahaha!

Now, you get to relax and enjoy bonding with your newborn. Most of you are worried that your maternity benefit might be forfeited if you don’t immediately file for maternity reimbursement. Kalma lang, momsh! The deadline for filing your requirements is before your baby’s 10th birthday. Yes, 10 years! So, chill ka lang…

9. Do I really need a savings account?

Yes, because your maternity reimbursement will be credited to your account. It should be a savings account in your name at an affiliate bank of SSS. If you don’t have a savings account yet, SSS will provide a letter of request which you will present to the bank when opening your account.

If you already have a savings account but you’re not sure if the bank is accredited by SSS, you may confirm with SSS via phone, Facebook, or by visiting one of their branches.

10. What if I lost the maternity notification form stamped by SSS?

No worries, momsh! According to them, your maternity notification will appear in their system. They can just pull it out when you’re already applying for reimbursement. No need to execute an affidavit. Yey! Have you tried looking for it inside the closet? Under the bed? Or maybe inside the freezer? I’m not judging – I know how pregnancy brain works! I feel you.

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11. How long does it take for SSS to process my reimbursement?

When I filed for my maternity reimbursement, the staff told me that the amount will be credited to my savings account after 2 to 3 weeks. That’s their usual turnaround time. However, I didn’t know what caused the delay, but it took almost a month before I received my reimbursement. Still, a few days of delay is not so bad.

12. What are Certificate of Separation and Certificate of No Advance Payment? Am I required to submit these?

Certificate of Separation is a document from your last employer showing the effective date of separation from employment. Certificate of No Advance Payment is a statement from employer that they did not grant an advance payment of your maternity benefit. Both statements may be merged into one document executed by your previous employer.

In question #1, you will see when your 12-month qualifying period is. If you were employed at a certain time during that period, you are required to submit these documents.

That’s it, momshies! I hope this answers most of your questions about SSS Maternity Benefit. Nabawasan ba ang stress?

If you have more questions, you may send an email to SSS at or through the Official Facebook page.

You may also contact me by hitting Like on my Facebook Page or following me on my Instagram Account.


  1. Avatar Zeni

    So helpful talaga tong blog mo momsh. Thank you so much!

    1. mommykrystal mommykrystal

      I’m so happy to have helped. Thank you as well, momsh!

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  2. Avatar Chang

    Hi po momsh, medyo nalilito po ako sa 9months contribution eh. Bale nagstart ako magbayad nung September 2018 and ang due date ko is April 2019. My question is counted ba yung from September 2018 to December 2018 na bayad ko sa 9months contribution . kasi from September to may 2019 is equivalent to 9 months na. Okay na ba yun or kelangan talaga January 2019 ako magstart magbayad . hanggang September 2019? Please help me po

    1. mommykrystal mommykrystal

      Hi Chang, are you pertaining to SSS maternity benefit or Philhealth? 😀

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  3. Avatar Irene Luise canale

    Hi ma’am Krystal .6mons po ako pregnant. Due date is june2019. Last2019 contribution kopo is march2018. Pwd po b ako mag voluntary pra m available ko ung maternity loan. Thanks po sa sagut 😍

  4. Avatar Edna

    I’m so glad I saw this!!! Makakapag-avail pa ako ng maternity benefit. Di ko kasi alam na may contingenvy period pa e. Buti na lang!!! Thank you mommy krystal!!!

    1. mommykrystal mommykrystal

      You’re welcome. I’m so glad I was able to help you. 😀

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